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  • Dell Precision T1600 internal speaker connection

If, like me, you purchased a used Dell Precision T1600 and find that the internal speaker is missing and think that forking out a few 10 notes to get a replacement part is too expensive (my Xeon E3-1245 tower +16 GB DDR3, complete with a Nvidia Quadro M2000 costed me 80, so 20+shipping for a speaker is anything but reasonable), then you might find it useful to know about the pinout on this 5-pin JST 2.0mm PH connector (looking at the motherboard):
Spkr A
No connection
Spkr B
I believe the speaker outputs are stereo capable but I did not bother to check which is L and which is R. I just verified that both Spkr A and Spkr B output PWM 5v and when connected using the common pin offer stereo sound (or you can simple using Spkr A+Spkr B for mono output cf. Dell's service manual)
Measures out at 3v3 that is probably used to power the Dell speaker unit.

Dell's connector is most likely keyed because the header pin is missing on the motherboard The other speaker with PWM waveform output.
I spent about 2 on ebay for a sets of 10 JST 2.0mm PH 5-pin (male PCB headers and female connectors). I just needed one female connector for the job. I had an old pair of unpowered 8ohm speakers that I wired up to the female connector and now I have sound for my T1600. Not bad for 50 cents and some recycled parts...


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