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Interactive 3D model of Solar System Planets and Night Sky

An amazing tool for visualising the solar system and constellation without a telescope (and astronomical knowledge or experience).

A Grand Unified Fractal Theory : Fractal Universe

An alternative approach to understanding the universe.

Large format scanner comparison

What you can pay, and what you wished you can pay for what you really need.

CPU Benchmarks

All you need to look up on CPU horsepower used for personal computers, with a grain of salt, of course!

Jeffrey Friedl's photography tech posts

A very useful and informative site for tech-related issues in photography. You can download autofocus test charts to check camera finder focus accuracy.

Paul Hsieh's home page

I found this page while looking for a super fast hash function. It turns out to be a mine of useful technical and geeky information.

Digital infrared photography

A very comprehensive guide to doing digital infrared photography. I ended up doing IR conversion of a Canon A510 and a Nikon D40x to play around with the idea of having IR false colours images.

Nikon DSLR focus adjustment

If your Nikon DSLR has focus errors and you are sure that it's not the lens that's at fault, you might want to try this (at your own risk!).

DIY Nikon ML-L1/ML-L3 remote control

This teaches you how you can build your own IR remote control for a fraction of the cost of what Nikon charges you. With a little imagination, you can go even further to build an intelligent controller that suits your custom needs.

Raspberry Pi GPIO Electrical Specifications

Technical information of the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins

DIY bi-directional level shifters without IC

The simple dual transistor bidirectional level shifter by Jim Hagerman can be found in this article in PDF or this with scope traces.

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